Epilog Fusion

Epilog Fusion là chiếc máy khắc laser tổng hợp các ưu điểm nổi trội nhất của hệ thống laser Epilog, được tạo ra dựa trên nền tảng trên 25 năm kinh nghiệm và là chiếc máy khắc laser nổi bật nhất của Epilog hiện nay.

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Epilog Fusion

Máy khắc Laser Epilog Fusion

It'll Change What You Expect From a Laser.
Featuring our new motion control system!

The newest addition to our product line, the Fusion Laser is outfitted with our new motion control system for higher speeds and the best edge quality when cutting. This will truly change what you expect from a laser!

Máy khắc laser Epilog Fusion

Faster Speeds
The highest lasering speeds on the market.

The brushless DC servo motors that we feature on the Fusion Laser are more robust than ever before. Combined with the other motion control features, we provide our fastest engraving speeds ever. And when cutting through thin materials like 1/8" wood, you'll see increased speeds up to 150%.

Innovative New Features
We've loaded the Fusion Laser with the latest features.

Imagine driving your laser directly from a joystick - it's possible now! When cutting through scrap material or even when you just want to doodle with the laser it's possible with the unique joystick driven Press 'n Go feature on the laser. We've also designed the Fusion Laser with a bi-directional USB port that can be connected to a new project manager called the Epilog Control Center. Estimate job times before you run them, record times of past jobs, and use some of the latest advanced positioning features available on a laser.

Máy khắc Laser Epilog Fusion


  • 32" x 20" engraving area
  • Our new standard for motion control design
  • Better flame-polished edge cuts
  • Our highest engraving and cutting speeds
  • Large viewing door with LED lighting
  • Engrave items up to 14.25" in material height


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  • Epilog G2 Galvo Laser Series

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